Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001): Fresh Eyes

I never had the urge to watch this series.  To me, there wasn’t anything for me to see. But after 15 years, I sat back and finally got myself to watch it.

From the beginning, the movie reminded me of Kung Fu movies I grew up with.  The chosen warrior who is destined to be Great.  Teachers testing the hero’s will see if he has what it takes.  Friends that push the hero to reach his potential.  Rivals question his place in the school.  That’s all I saw watching this film.

One aspect of the film that I find very rewarding is when Harry Potter is rescued from his adopted family.  Anytime I feel the need to want to hit a character in the movie, I usually enjoy the protagonist’s journey.

The thing that was a let down was the action sequences.  They didn’t pull me into the film, instead it took me out of the movie.  All I saw dated CGI and the lack of taking the action to make Harry Potter look like a hero on film.  I imagined if this film was made now how big the stunt crew would be.

I’m told the series gets better.  Since I didn’t hate the movie, it’s a good enough reason to continue the series.





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