The Accountant (2016): Review

I had a few reservations prior to watching this movie.  I thought the action was going to be lacking, the humor was going to be cheesy, the story to be cliched and the acting was gonna be phoned in.  I’m very happy to say that I was proven wrong.

We learn from the beginning that Christian Wolff (played by Ben Affleck) is a CPA who does accounting for criminal organizations on the side.  It isn’t until he decides to switch things up and take on a legitimate client, that the story moves forward.

As for the characters, Ben Affleck does a great job playing Christian Wolff.  There were times I thought he would break character for the sake of comedic or drama effect.  To the film’s credit, they kept the integrity of the character, making him awkward and likable at the same time.  The rest of the cast do a great job playing their roles too.

As far as the action in concerned, I will say that this movie does a great job.  From the moment Christian with rolling a stick down his shins in his bedroom, fight fans viewing the film started to get excited.  Though we didn’t get to see actual Muay Thai in the film, the choreography really kicked the film up a notch.

There are some really good mixes of gunfire and hand to hand scenes that will some comparison with “John Wick”.  The hand to hand scenes aren’t as stylized as the Bourne series, but they are very smooth in execution.  You as the viewer aren’t subject to shaky cam when viewing the fights, you get the movements presented to you and enjoy the actual choreography.

Fans of early 90s straight to video martial arts movies will get a kick seeing Ron Yuan (from “Ring Of Fire” and “To Be The Best” fame) getting back into action.  He has a real nice scene that displays his skills.

Overall, the movie one of the better film of a disappointing 2016 movie season.



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