Dr. Strange (2016) – Review

Going into this movie I had some reservations.  I thought I was gonna see a mystical version of Ant-Man, but what I got was a mystical version of Iron Man.  Though I don’t think it was a bad thing, I was surprised that though they were going through familiar territory, I was still entertained.

Dr. Strange is introduced in his element as a neurosurgeon effortless doing his job in front of his peers.  You can tell from the jump that he is full of himself and doesn’t care about the people around him.

Even after a car accident that damages his hands that prevent him from doing his job, Dr. Strange shows how much he doesn’t care about the people around him, even the ones going out of their way to help him.

After multiple fail attempts from the medical field to heal him, Dr. Strange travels to Nepal to seek alternative treatment.  Once he meets the Ancient One, his skepticism is completely reversed when he is given a glimpse of other dimensions.

From there, he begins his training.  His search for knowledge in the mystic arts leads him to question The Ancient One.  Before anything is resolved, the school and its London location are attacked.  This puts the new student of the mystic arts in a compromising position.

I have never had so much fun watching a movie in 3D until I saw this.  The 3D totally enhances the experience.  The only downside to great special effects is the fact that when action is happening on screen, especially the fights, its kinda hard to focus on what is going on.

The first fight that opens the film gives the audience a feel of what the style of the action is going to be.  Action fans will notice that the style of fight in the movie is reminiscent to the old mystic arts film of the 80’s like Yuen Biao’s “Peacock King” and “Kid From Tibet”.

It was also nice to see Scott Adkins get some screen in a major film.  He has a couple of fights scenes in the film too.  He even does his signature “Guyver Kick” against Dr. Strange.

I can’t even hate on the cast, they did a good job, especially Tilda Swinton.  As an Asian American (see profile pic), I feel I was supposed to hate on this choice and give some sort of protest and say “you should’ve cast John Cho”, but I didn’t.  She did a great job.

Yes, the role could’ve been played by an Asian actor, but the role could’ve been played by any other ethnicity.  The point of a movie like this is to be entertained and it definitely succeeded.  The special effects were on point and the action scenes were up to par.






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