Ben Hur (2016) – Review

Ben Hur is stripped from his wealth and family by his adopted brother, Messala.   After year of being a slave, Ben Hur escapes and plots his revenge in the form of a street race… I mean  a chariot race.
 I didn’t hate the movie, but I definitely thought the film could’ve been better.  There were three times in the third act I thought the movie should’ve have ended and when it finally did, faith based themes started to hit hard on screen.
So bonus points to the film maker for masking the Christian aspects of the movie until the end.  I totally didn’t see it.  Jesus was more was like a Wolverine cameo in an X-Men movie.  His powers were downplayed (another plus) and he wasn’t white (double plus).
 The film succeeds during the chariot scenes.  I never thought that anyone could ever make me engage in that type of race.  I was told after I shared my thoughts of the race to watch the original.
I will add that the fight scenes were not horrible.  Very simple military type combat fit the film well, but didn’t showcase the combat in its full potential.  This get’s a pass because it wasn’t the focus of the film.
You can have it playing while you’re on the phone and get the gist of the story.

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